What is Welcome Week?
Welcome Week builds upon your START experience and continues your transition to Oregon State. The events, programs and activities offer you opportunities to: 

  • Meet your fellow new students
  • Learn about resources and opportunities (both inside and outside the classroom) that are critical to your success
  • Get ready for your first week of classes
  • and celebrate the beginning of your OSU experience

Am I expected to attend all Welcome Week events?
All Welcome Week events are meant to help and assist you in your transition to OSU.  There are certain events Sunday-Tuesday that will be noted, that are events we expect all new students to participate in. 

If I live off-campus where do I go?
For any new student living off campus, you are invited to participate in any of the Welcome Week events, except for all-hall and first floors meetings those are only required for those living on campus. 

Are Transfer students invited to Welcome Week?
We invite all new students to participate fully in the Welcome Week program. You will find some events specifically for Transfer students, but all events (unless noted otherwise) are open to all new students, including Transfer students.

Don't forget to always bring your OSU ID card.