We're so excited to see you in person this fall! 

Thank you for helping us plan and "OSUWelcome" our incoming first-year and transfer students, as well as students who started in 2020, to campus!


Goals of OSUWelcome

   Orientation to the Academic Environment at OSU

We will prepare students to successfully engage in and navigate the academic environment at OSU. 

   Inclusive Communities

We will educate students about what an inclusive environment is and why it is important to all students’ success. Inclusive environments will be modeled throughout activities. 

    Holistic Health, Well-Being, and Safety

We will provide safe environments that protect and encourage improvements in the holistic health and wellness of all aspects of the OSU community.  

  Developing a Sense of Belonging

We will help students identify the value of community and belonging for themselves and others; communities to join, ways to belong, and individual support systems that will aid in their sense of belonging at OSU.    

Submitting an Event for inclusion in OSUWelcome

OSUWelcome for Fall 2021 will begin Sunday September 19th when the residence halls open and will continue through the first few weeks of Fall Term 2021.  There is no specified end date on purpose!  Everything doesn't all have to happen all at once during OSUWelcome.  Students can be overwhelmed in the beginning and they are with us (hopefully) for a total of 33 weeks during an average school year, so there are 32 other weeks were things can happen.  Weeks 2 or 3 during fall term may be better options, because they are after students have had some experiences and may be ready to find connections or be ready to get involved.  

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