Welcome Week is a time of great transition for both you and your student.  During this week they will move into their residence hall, participate in a variety of activities, meet other new students, begin classes, and start their next chapter.

On Sunday, September 16th from 5:00p-7:00p at our Alumni Center we will have a Parent & Family Welcome Reception. Parents and family members are invited to attend, as your student will have events and programs beginning at 5:00pm for them to attend.  RSVP will be available in August. 

Here are few tips for you during this transition:

Don’t stay. We invite you to assist your student with moving in, maybe take them out to lunch or go with them to eat lunch in the dining center, but then we recommend you leave (at least for a little while).  Leave them, so that they begin to connect with students around them.  As long as you are around they will feel obligated or only want to hang out with you.  On that first night they will have a required hall meeting to attend and a huge Welcome Week Kick-Off event, Dixon Rec Night.  If you are still in the area, we do invite you to attend the Parent and Family Welcome Reception. RSVP and more information will be posted in August.

Tell them you love them and that you are proud of them.  The weeks leading up to move in were probably stressful for both you and the student.  They are having a lot of mixed emotions and may be unsure how to process them.  They are nervous, excited, sad, unsure, and very ready for this next stage all at the same time.  While you may be experiencing those same emotions, try not to dwell on how much you will miss them and how you can’t wait for them to come home, focus on the hope and expectations you have for them at OSU and how you will see them when you come visit for Fall Family Weekend.

Sign up for the E-newsletter for parents and family members of first year students.  This e-newsletter comes out every couple of weeks and is meant to keep you updates on things happening on campus, what your student may be experiencing, and a reminder about campus resources.  More Information and to sign up.

If you have any questions or need any additional information about Welcome Week please feel free to contact New Student Programs & Family Outreach at 541-737-7627.

Additional Resources:

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